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      Hardware met Software on the road to Changtse.
      Software said: "You are the Yin and I am the Yang. If we travel together we will become famous and earn vast sums of money." And so the pair set forth together, thinking to conquer the world.
      Presently, they met Firmware, who was dressed in tattered rags, and hobbled along propped on a thorny stick. Firmware said to them:
"The Tao lies beyond Yin and Yang. It is silent and still as a pool of water. It does not seek fame, therefore nobody knows its presence. It does not seek fortune, for it is complete within itself. It exists beyond space and time."
      Software and Hardware, ashamed, returned to their homes.
      -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"


This is a site where you might find some Region Free (RPC-1) firmware for your Pioneer (or compatible) DVD-ROM drive, if I'm not too   to update these pages.

If you have a question, please use the forum. I am NO LONGER answering e-mail. And remember that:


After applying the RPC-1 patch, you still have to bypass Windows or Software Players OWN region protection, and this is where tools like DVD Region Killer or DVD Genie come handy. For more information, have a look here.


Latest news...

This is the last update from this site EVER!!!

From now on this page is NO LONGER maintained, which means that NO NEW FIRMWARE will ever appear here!
Hope you enjoyed the 3&½ years I was around, but now it's time for somebody else to rise up to the challenge ;)
If you are looking for updated firmwares, may I suggest you have a look at the forum or The Dangerous Brothers' page?
But before I'm completely gone, here's one last update for old times sake:
o Pioneer DVR-107 & 107XL v1.21 RPC-1, 12xRip, nx4all
o Pioneer DVR-108 & 108XL v1.18 RPC-1, 12xRip, nx4all

See you in another virtual universe!


Happy new year!

Well, I might be the only one, but I am happy to announce my retirement from ALL firmware activities and the community on 2005.01.31. Past that date, there will be NO MORE updates of this site and any e-mail related to firmware will be left unanswered (which won't be a drastic change, considering my current rate of reply).
Yes baby, as far as I'm concerned, from February 1st 2005, you're own your own! As usual there's more info about that in the forum but I just thought non forum users would want to know about this too.


What the heck?!? Didn't I update my page with the 108 and 108XL patched firmwares?
Oh well, if you had a look at the forum (like all wise people should do ;)) you probably picked 'em up already. Anyway, here they are... again.
Hey, have I just not seen that black cat cross the room already?

Just a quick update - DVRFlash 2.0 finally released
For other updates, look in the forum. New firmwares always appear in the forum first!


Region Free firmwares

- Unless specified, the firmwares below have all been tested
- Credits go to their respective authors


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Acer/BenQ DVP-1040A
Acer/BenQ DVP-1640A
Acer/BenQ DVP-1640A2
Acer/BenQ DVP-1648A


o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.

o If you have trouble using upg4a.exe to flash the 1040A, try pick the more recent upg5a.exe from other firmwares (like the DVD-115 or DVD-116).
Thanks go to Foxtrot for this tip...


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Aopen DVD-1640 Pro
Aopen DVD-1640 Pro-A
Aopen DVD-1648A
Aopen DVD-1648/PMP


o Unless you already know it, there is no easy way to tell wether you have a 1640 Pro or a 1640 Pro-A drive.
   An old man I once met in the forest spoke about some sticker (possibly red or with an "A" on it) at the bottom of the drive, indicating if you have a Pro-A. But this might well be a fairy tale...

o What is certain however is that:
   - Aopen DVD-1640 Pro originally have firmware rev. 1.13 or 1.22.
   - Aopen DVD-1640 Pro-A originally have firmware rev. 1.09 or 1.15.
   Thus, according to the firmware revision that the drive reports (with the Pioneer DVD Utilities for instance), you can be pretty confident in telling which drive you have.

o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
ASUS DVD-E616P (DVD-121 clone)


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
BENQ DVP-1650P (DVD-120 clone)


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Compaq DVD-113
Compaq DVD-114
Compaq DVD-115
Compaq DVD-116
Compaq DVD-117

Note: DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch (if it wasn't already the case...).

Note 2: If the upgrade program complains about a "Mismatch Error" during the flashing process, try using this patched upgrade utility instead.

o MITSUBISHI DVD-ROM Drives (Australia)

DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Mitsubishi Diamond Data 1640A-032
Mitsubishi Diamond Data 1640-232

Note: Mitsubishi actually uses the ACER 1640/1640A2 firmwares for these drives.

o MSI DVD-ROM Drives (China?)

DVD Drive
Firmware to use
MSI Starspeed MS-8216

Note 1: The drive above is actually an Acer DVP-1648A = Pioneer DVD-500M
Note 2: In order to flash this drive properly, please read the guide here


More DVD firmwares are available
from The Dangerous Brothers' pages

DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Pioneer DVD-K11 (Laptop)
Pioneer DVD-K11T (Laptop)
Pioneer DVD-103
Pioneer DVD-103R
Pioneer DVD-103S
Pioneer DVD-A03
Pioneer DVD-A03S
Pioneer DVD-A03SZ
Pioneer DVD-104
Pioneer DVD-104S
Pioneer DVD-A04
Pioneer DVD-A04S
Pioneer DVD-A04SZ
Pioneer DVD-105
Pioneer DVD-105R (Sony VAIO)
Pioneer DVD-105S
Pioneer DVD-105SZ
Pioneer DVD-A05
Pioneer DVD-A05S
Pioneer DVD-A05SW
Pioneer DVD-A05SZ
Pioneer DVD-106
Pioneer DVD-106/2
Pioneer DVD-105R (Sony VAIO)
Pioneer DVD-106S
Pioneer DVD-A06
Pioneer DVD-A06S
Pioneer DVD-A06SZ
Pioneer DVD-113
Pioneer DVD-113S
Pioneer DVD-113SZ
Pioneer DVD-114
Pioneer DVD-114S
Pioneer DVD-114SZ
Pioneer DVD-115
Pioneer DVD-115BB
Pioneer DVD-115LH
Pioneer DVD-115R (Sony VAIO)
Pioneer DVD-115S
Pioneer DVD-115SZ
Pioneer DVD-115HA
Pioneer DVD-115HB
Pioneer DVD-116
Pioneer DVD-116/2
Pioneer DVD-116BB
Pioneer DVD-116LH
Pioneer DVD-116R (Sony VAIO)
Pioneer DVD-116S
Pioneer DVD-116SZ
Pioneer DVD-116T
Pioneer DVD-116VAR
Pioneer DVD-116R
Pioneer DVD-117
Pioneer DVD-117R (Sony VAIO)
Pioneer DVD-117RD
Pioneer DVD-118
Pioneer DVD-500M
Pioneer DVD-119
Pioneer DVD-120
Pioneer DVD-120R
Pioneer DVD-120RD
Pioneer DVD-120S
Pioneer DVD-121
Pioneer DVD-121CHD
Pioneer DVD-121R
Pioneer DVD-121S

More DVD firmwares are available
from The Dangerous Brothers' pages

Note: The 105R, 106R, 115R, 116R and 117R are Pioneer OEM drives included in Sony VAIO computers and YES! they can use the latest Pioneer RPC-1 firmware.

Alternatively, you can use the DVD-116R v1.21 RPC-1 firmware with the 116R, in case your are not able to use the 116 firmware.


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Pioneer DVD-303S
Pioneer DVD-U03S
Pioneer DVD-304S
Pioneer DVD-U04S
Pioneer DVD-305S
Pioneer DVD-U05S


o It is recommanded to use a Windows Millenium boot disk in order to flash these firmwares.

o The DVD-303 RPC-1 v2.00 (alt) patch is for people who already have firmware 2.00 pre-flashed on this drive, because they will not be able to succesfully flash with the first one. Thanks to $w@ampy for this one!


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Pioneer DCR-111
No patch for v1.32 yet


More DVR firmwares are available
from Flash and Gradius pages

DVR Drive
Firmware to use
Pioneer DVR-A03 (Universal)
Pioneer DVR-103 (Universal)
Pioneer DVR-A03 (Mac)
Pioneer DVR-103 (Mac)
Pioneer DVR-A04 (Universal)
Pioneer DVR-104 (Universal)
Pioneer DVR-A04 (Mac)
Pioneer DVR-104 (Mac)
Pioneer DVR-A04 (Sony)
Pioneer DVR-104 (Sony)
Pioneer DVR-104 v1.30 RPC-1
(Better use the universal above)
no patch for v1.41 yet...
Pioneer DVR-A05
Pioneer DVR-105
Pioneer DVR-A06
Pioneer DVR-A06D
Pioneer DVR-106
Pioneer DVR-106D
Pioneer DVR-K12
Pioneer DVR-K12D
Pioneer DVR-K12RA
Pioneer DVR-SK12
Pioneer DVR-SK12D
Pioneer DVR-A07
Pioneer DVR-A07D
Pioneer DVR-107
Pioneer DVR-107D
Pioneer DVR-A07XL
Pioneer DVR-A07XLA
Pioneer DVR-A07XLB
Pioneer DVR-A08
Pioneer DVR-A08B
Pioneer DVR-A08D
Pioneer DVR-108
Pioneer DVR-108B
Pioneer DVR-108D
Pioneer DVR-A08XL
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA
Pioneer DVR-A08XLB
Pioneer DVR-A08XLC
Pioneer DVR-A09
Pioneer DVR-109
No patch for this drive will EVER be available on this page
Pioneer DVR-A09XL
No patch for this drive will EVER be available on this page
other DVR models
No patch for these drives will EVER be available on this page

Note: The last 3 statements mean that, BECAUSE this page is NO LONGER maintained, no patch for the DVR-109 or any future Pioneer model will be published here. It doesn't mean that there will be no patch ever, just that, if there is one, you'll have to fetch it somewhere else. Get it?

More DVR firmwares are available
from Flash and Gradius pages


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Pioneer DVR-S303
(firmware revision unknown)

Note: Pioneer DVR-S101 and Pioneer DVR-S201 are RPC-1 by default.


DVD Drive
Firmware to use
Teac DV-516E (512 KB Buffer)
Teac DV-516EA (256 KB Buffer)
no firmware available yet for rev 3.04

You need to use mtkflash for the flash. See here for some instructions on how to use this tool. No use to mail me about mtkflash, I will not reply.

Basically, from real DOS, use the command:   mtkflash X w /b 516E.bin
Where X is a number from 1 to 4:
1 - Primary Master, 2 - Primary Slave, 3 - Secondary Master, 4 - Secondary Slave


Firmware tools

DVRFlash v2.0 by Agent Smith
Pioneer DVR universal firmware flasher. Trust me, you want to use DVRFlash instead of Pioneer's annoying UPGDVD.exe
Supported platforms: DOS, Windows, Linux/x86 and now Mac

DVD Region Killer v2.7.0.2
Elby dropped this awesome utility and removed the link from their page, but look who comes to your rescue... ;)

The Firmware Flashing Bootdisk (Floppy image or CD ISO image)

Those are Windows Millenium Boot disks (780 KB each), that you can use:
  o To boot in the proper DOS mode required for flashing
  o To upgrade your firmware on a laptop where you can only have the floppy unit or the DVD unit at a given time
  o To access NTFS partitions (NT/Win2k/WinXP) from DOS
  o To know the position of your IDE DVD drive (primary slave, secondary master, etc.)
  o To access your SCSI DVD-Drive for flashing (if you are using a common SCSI adapter)

Prior to using thoes disks, you also have to download both the fimware and the DOS flashing utility, and put them on a harddisk partition.
To burn the CD ISO, use a tool like Easy CD Creator, Nero or FireBurner.

Note: These bootdisks can be used with other DVD drives or firmwares than Pioneer ones.


DiscInfo v1.5.0
A master utility crafted by my very good friend Hijacker. Everything you want to know about your drive, you can get it from here (ID, rev, RPC-1...).
It will even give you the link to the firmware you should apply :P

The ultimate tool if you have any kind of CD/DVD drive (especially DVD writers). You can really achieve almost anything you want with this great software by Nic Wilson.
A definite must have! Don't forget to support Nic for his great tool ;)

Adaptec ASPI32 layer for Windows v4.60
The ASPI32 layer for Windows applications that may require it.
Don't use version 4.70 from Adaptec's site. It's a piece of crap!

Pioneer DVD-ROM utilities for Windows, v1.11
(also v1.03 or v1.00)

These utilities allow you to reduce the speed, check/change the region info of your drive or flash a new firmware from within windows.
Very handy, except for the zone changer utility of course...


"Patching a DVD firmware to make it region free"
This is an outstanding document by xvi! If you ever want to get into the patching business, read this first!!!

The disassemblers source code
For the microprocessors used in DVD drives. Again another series of great tools by xvi (you'll need this if you plan to patch firmwares).
Also available, an old Win32 compiled version


The Firmware Flashing FAQ/HOWTO [DRAFT]
This is only a draft, and I have no plans to complete it for now...

Updating the 105S firmware
A great HOWTO by gibler666. Though it's intended for 105S, it can be used as a good reference for most Pioneer or compatible IDE drives.
If you a question about DVD region, have a look here first.

Other Links
THE main source for DVD firmwares. RPC-1, RPC-2... they are all there ;)
The always awesome Firmware Forum. Check it out! The truth is out there...
My other page, with some useful developer stuff.
Simply THE BEST source of information on DVD Burner. If only every website was as well informed as they are...

DVD Region Killer 2.x
The "Anti-Region Weapon Of Choice" for RPC-1 drives.

DVD Genie
The best utility for windows DVD software players

The Fekete Istvan pages
It used to be the main page to get your Pioneer RPC-1 firmware, but it looks rather abandonned now... :(


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